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To achieve their mission goal, the O’Connor family enlisted the knowledge and experience of one of Canada’s prominent livestock health experts, Dr. Terry Church at the beginning of 2000. In addition to his Animal Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees, Dr. Church earned a Master of Science Degree in Disease Prevention in 1978. He has held numerous senior positions with Alberta Agriculture and was instrumental in drafting the Livestock Industry Diversification Act to establish game farming and ranching in Alberta. His extensive industry experience and expertise in the public and private sector has been extremely beneficial in the development of the ranch to produce consistent premium quality and meats and velvet antler products. Dr. Church lives on the ranch and oversees the health and management of the herds and the product development and sales from the ranch.

Brad and Wendy O’Connor represent the next generation and are the other key members of the ranch management team. Brad serves as General Manager and puts his extensive business contacts to work daily as he manages the broad range of details and challenges involved in creating the finest game products. Wendy assists with the sales and promotion of the ranch combined with her responsibility of raising a family and working at CRMR at Home Store and the Millarville Market. Through their regular contacts with the chefs at the lodges and restaurants and direct sales customers, they are able to provide valuable quality control and consumer feedback feed back to the ranch operations.