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At CRMR, our mission is to provide excellent service and ensure that we are ‘Always an Escape’ for our guests. CRMR is looking for employees who are dedicated to providing superior customer service, committed to going the extra mile for guests and passionate about the Canadian Rockies. In addition, we are looking for team players who are interested in learning new skills. We are always in search of new members to join our team.

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Opportunities in the Canadian Rockies

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Front Office

Food & Beverage


    • Line Cook – Lake Louise (November 25th through to October 2017) - Deer Lodge, Lake Louise, AB

      Position title: Line Cook – Lake Louise (November 25th through to October 2017)
      Location: Deer Lodge, Lake Louise, AB
      Reports to: Chef
      Hours: As required
      Primary function:

      To maintain a high standard of food quality, presentation and cleanliness in all food outlets of the kitchen.

      Duties and Responsibilities:
      • To ensure a high quality and presentation of all food
      • To prepare A La Carte menu and buffet menu items with CRMR standards
      • To follow portion and cost controls
      • To follow all recipes for food items
      • To maintain reasonable cooking time during line work with a sense of urgency
      • To ensure that proper sanitation techniques and health and safety regulations are maintained at all times
      • To follow proper preservation of food products, from raw to cooked and perishability
      • To set up stations mise en place and collect all necessary supplies to prepare menu for service.
      • To report all faulty equipment to supervisor
      • To work in direct coordination with all staff
      • To maintain a constant cleanliness of all kitchen areas including fridges and equipment
      • To follow all daily duty rosters
      • To follow policy manual
      • To perform other associated duties as assigned

      Experience/background preferred:
      • 1-3 years of practical experience
      • Culinary education an asset
      • Substantial knowledge of food safety and handling procedures
      • Excellent interpersonal skills
      • Ability to work all restaurant operating hours
      • High School Diploma or equivalent
      • Physical demands, sitting, standing, bending, lifting (up to 30 lbs)
      • Able to work under pressure for long hours of standing


      Date Posted: January 4, 2016




    • No positions available at this time


    • No positions available at this time

Management & Supervisory

    • No positions available at this time

Opportunities in Calgary

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    • Sous Chef – Divino Calgary - Divino Bistro

      Position title: Sous Chef – Divino Calgary
      Location: Divino Bistro
      Reports to: Chef
      Hours: Will vary based on business needs
      Primary function:

      Working as a Sous Chef with the Divino Bistro Culinary team

      Duties and Responsibilities:


      Working with the culinary team at Divino Bistro to present quality food items to our guests

      The location is open daily for lunch and dinner

      Assisting with the ordering, inventory, day to day kitchen operations with the Chef’s guidance



      Experience/background preferred:

      Previous culinary experience required

      Experience working in a fast paced setting

      Must have the ability to work in a team setting


    • Host - The Lake House |Calgary, AB

      Position title: Host
      Location: The Lake House |Calgary, AB
      Reports to: Manager
      Primary function:

      To provide friendly, efficient service to our clients while maintaining a professional demeanour.

      Duties and Responsibilities:
      • To greet and welcome of all guests upon arrival
      • Co-ordinate the dining room’s seating arrangements
      • To seat guest and present menu’s in a prompt and organize fashion while maintaining service flow
      • To be punctual and groomed appropriately (well pressed uniform, name tag, hair and teeth clean and neat)
      • To be knowledgeable about the menu and wine list
      • To be adaptable in helping with banquets- may contain banquet shifts – day and night functions
      • To perform Function room set up’s – tables, chairs, linen
      • Any other duties as required or communicated by the F&B Manager/Supervisor

      Experience/background preferred:
      • Experience in a similar position an asset
      • Excellent Interpersonal skills and self-motivated
      • Proserve certificate required
      • Grade 12 Diploma
      • Flexible in scheduling – mainly weekends and evenings
      • Substantial knowledge of food safety and handling procedures
      • To be able to endure long periods of standing (sitting, bending, and lifting may be required)
      • Able to work under pressure for long hours of standing
    • Laundry Attendant - Calgary, AB

      Position title: Laundry Attendant
      Location: Calgary, AB
      Reports to: Laundry Supervisor/ Laundry Manager
      Hours: As Required
      Primary function:

      To maintain a high standard of time management in order to complete assigned tasks for the day.

      Duties and Responsibilities:
      • accurately count soiled laundry
      • Load soiled laundry into washers
      • Transfer clean laundry into dryers
      • Unload clean laundry from dryers
      • Feed various products into iron – sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, napkins
      • Unload products from folder and accurately count product and assemble orders for customers
      • Feed large towels into folder and stack and sort the towels as these come out
      • Pack clean product neatly in bins, keeping an accurate count, for shipment to customers
      • Hang garments and inspect for damage
      • Hand fold and package small towels for shipping
      • Sort garments by customer and then by size and package for shipping
      • Other tasks as required

      Work Environment:

      • CRMR Laundry is a fast paced operation.
      • We provide a laundry service for upscale operations and we must provide a very high quality of work.
      • Our people need the ability to work closely in a team format to achieve our goals.
      • At various times of the year we are a 7 day a week 12 hour a day operation which requires people to work various shifts

      Experience/background preferred:
      • Grade 12 Diploma or equivalent
      • In consideration of type of work involved, a strong back is necessary
      • Willing to learn new ways of cleaning a room
      • Flexibility and adaptability to emergency situations
      • Embraces challenges, ambitious
      • Physical demands, sitting, standing, bending, lifting (up to 30 lbs)