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Deer Lodge Celebrates 90 years

In the 1920’s, tourism to the Canadian Rockies was booming. The railways had completed construction of its castle hotels. The best of Victoria England’s kitchens were available on board the luxurious trains traveling across the country and at the lavish hotels.

A log teahouse was opened by one of the early guiding families just behind the Chateau Lake Louise. It was a few minute stroll from the Lake and quickly became a popular gathering spot for visitors and the rapidly growing local population of guides. Shortly after, a drug store and YWCA residence was built and the original village of Lake Louise was born.

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Deer Lodge’s 90th – Celebration Events
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Deer Lodge's 90th - Celebration Events

Deer Lodge’s 90th – Room Special
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Over the years, the lodge, teahouse, drug store and residence were joined together to form Deer Lodge. In 1988, Deer Lodge was completely winterized, renovated and restored. It now offers 73 Tower, Heritage and Lodge rooms all with private bath. Many of the architectural features from the original buildings have been restored including the original hand hewn log structure.

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