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1. How did you make your hotel reservation? 

A. Online - How user friendly did you find our website and online reservation system?

Easy to use 
Hard to use 
B. Central Reservations (toll free) - How helpful and courteous did you find your service?

Very helpful 
Had little knowledge 
Not very helpful 
C. Other
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2. Which property did you stay at?
Buffalo Mountain Lodge 
Deer Lodge 
Emerald Lake Lodge 
Painted Boat Resort
Room number at lodge:

3. How would you rate your first impression on the following:
A: Front Desk/Customer Service Excellent Good Poor
B: Check-in Excellent Good Poor
C: Check-out Excellent Good Poor
D: Room Appearance Excellent Good Poor
E: Housekeeping Excellent Good Poor

4. Once in your room, how did you find our:
A: Amenities Excellent Good Poor
B: Comfort Excellent Good Poor
C: Noise factor Excellent Good Poor
D: Overall Impression Excellent Good Poor

5. Did you choose to dine at our location?
Yes    No
How would you rate our:
A: Atmosphere/decor Excellent Good Poor
B: Customer service Excellent Good Poor
C: Menu selection Excellent Good Poor
D: Quality & Presentation Excellent Good Poor
6. Overall impressions of our lodge/addtional comments:
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