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What to pair with Christmas dinner?

It is a situation you inevitably run into while working in a wine boutique around the holidays. What to pair with turkey dinner? Both white and red Burgundy will see a lot of love, while Germany and Alsace shoulder a good chunk of the load too. But how about something ...


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April 7th 2014
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Hippity-hop your way to the Rockies for Easter this year!

Hippity-hop your way to the Rockies for Easter this year!   Easter is one of those holidays that starts to feel a bit like Groundhog Day after a couple of years-especially if you have kids.  Hide a bunch of eggs, eat too much candy, make a big dinner, clean up the mess...played ...
March 16th 2014
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Fundraising packages available

We are a family-owned ranch which raises buffalo (bison) and elk and markets our products to our four restaurants in Calgary, three lodges in the mountains, our CRMR at Home store and Second to None Meats in Calgary. We also market our meat products at the Millarville Farmers Market and from our sales centre on the ranch. ...
March 14th 2014
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Banff Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

Banff Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival and Buffalo Mountain Lodge – a match made in foodie heaven   Anyone who lives in Calgary or Edmonton-and enjoys wine and food (wait, that’s everyone, right?)-already knows that the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival is a fantastic event. Row upon row of wines from around ...
October 15th 2013
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Winter Holiday Season with CRMR

Celebrate Christmas in the Rockies with Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, Deer Lodge in Lake Louise, and Emerald Lake Lodge in Field, British Columbia are transformed into winter wonderlands for the holiday season- a truly magical spectacle for children and adults alike. Book your stay and enjoy ...
August 2nd 2013
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Foodie Friday – Grilled Asparagus with Goat Cheese

Try this perfect summer side dish with your meal this August Long Weekend.   Grilled Asparagus & Goat Cheese. ½ cup balsamic vinegar 1 ½ lb (680 g) Asparagus 2 tbsp olive oil ½ tsp kosher salt ¼ cup virgin olive oil 2 tbsp fresh basil, chopped 2 tbsp red pepper, finely diced ¼ cup goat cheese ½ tsp sugar salt & ...


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